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Organizing An Event?

Check out the most commonly asked questions about our ticketing system in our FAQ section below. 

Event Organizers

How Much Are The Ticketing Fees?

Only $0.67 per ticket + (5% credit card processor fees). Our commission is subtracted from the ticket price and the payment processing fees is passed onto the ticket purchaser. 

Are There Any Fees If My Event Is Free?

Free Events = Free Ticketing. If your event is free, we won’t impose any fees to you or your attendees. It’s 100% FREE.

Who Pays The Ticketing Fees?

By default our ticketing system is set up to pass the credit/debit card processing fees onto attendees, thereby minimizing any out-of-pocket expenses to event organizers. 

Are There Any Contracts, Commitments Or Minimums?

No, none whatsoever.

How Do You Use The QR Code Scanner?

Once you’ve created your event, a button will appear on the ticketing dashboard labeled: “Ticket Scanner”. All you need to do is login with your preferred device such as (but not limited to) your android or iPhone to begin scanning tickets. For a full video tutorial, please visit our “Help Center”

What Non-Profits Do You Support?

We support a handful of local non-profits that share a similar vision. All of which we have carefully chosen to ensure 100% of our donations are allocated appropriately. You can see a list and full description of the non-profits we support.

Ticket Purchasers

I Lost My Ticket

1. Sign In (email used at checkout).
2. In the account section, go to Event Tickets.
3. Click on “View Ticket” next to the ticket you want to print/download.
4. Select “Download ticket pdf”.

Can I Transfer My Ticket

By default tickets are not transferable, however, some event organizers may choose to allow ticket transfers. If allowed you must contact the event organizer who will initiate the ticket transfer process.

Are Tickets Refundable

Ticket refunds are at the sole discretion of the event organizer and their refund policy should be notated on the event page in question. If refunds are permitted, you must contact the event organizer

How Do I Contact The Event Organizer

You can contact the event organizer by visiting the contact event organizer page.

I'm Unable To Login

An account is created during the ticket purchase process and email is sent containing your temporary password. 

You Can reset your password by using the Reset Password Tool. 

I Don't Have Access To My Email

If you don’t have access to your email and therefore unable to login to retrieve your tickets, you must submit a request by visiting the contact us page. 

Please note you will be required to submit the following:

  1. Valid Government Issued ID
  2. Last 4 Numbers of the credit/debit card used to purchase tickets
  3. Email used to purchase tickets

Still Have Questions?

Send us a message and we will happily answer any inquires you may have. 

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