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Your sponsorship will boost attendees' contributions by matching their rounded-up change donated during the ticket checkout process. Your commitment to match their contributions will not only support the Maui Strong Fund but also generate positive exposure for your business.

40% Attendee Participation

4 out of 10 ticket purchasers round up their change during the checkout process. 

$0.51 Average Donation Amount

Round up amounts vary based on event price and other factors such as tax. 

$20.40 Average Total Per Event

Small amounts add up, especially when sponsors like you match attendees' contributions. 

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Following each event, we send out an email expressing our gratitude for attendees’ contributions and to disclose the total amount we raised. Furthermore, we highlight our sponsors, along with any exclusive coupons or info they might want to include.

Small Change | Big Impact

5 Groups of Contributors

Attendees | Aloha More | Event Organizer | Sponsor A. | Sponsor B. 

Groups of contributors


Avg. Total
per 100 Attendees
$ 20.4


Total Raised
w/ Sponsor Matching
$ 102

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Business to consumer exposure at a small cost that makes a big difference. 

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